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Still Image Advertisement

lego advertisement

Still Image Advertisement


Find a still image advertisement (either from a print magazine, newspaper, or online source). Using guidance from the readings, analyze what you see and can infer about the advertisement’s message. Bring the advertisement to class or link it in your course participant page before your analysis.

From my understanding of the reading, Saussure, “The Nature of the Linguistic Sign” from Course in General Linguistics, there are three aspects connecting language and understanding of objects.  The real (or imagined) object is linked to both our cognitive understanding and mapping of concepts connected to the object, as well as its physical representations. It is this arbitrary connection between the sign, signified, and signifier respectively that allows us to connect words and meaning together.

To help better understand this concept, I referred to an image pictured in a presentation by Abulhasan Abaedi, Read Marketing through Sign, Signifier and Signified (image 2). This image helps to better explain the relationship between the sign, signifier, and signified by giving the example of an apple. An apple can be represented by signifiers such as its color, components, the word apple, or even by a picture; however, apples also have a deeper cognitive meanings and connections characterized by the signified. Sayings like, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” are examples of the signified meaning represented by an apple – in this case, health. Apples are also linked to teaching, feeding horses, and many other experience based associations.

image 2

Signs in Advertising

lego advertisement

This advertisement from LEGO® is a great example of how signifiers and signified combine to give meaning to signs. The object or sign of a plane is characterized by features such as its wings, its function of flight, and the term “airplane.” The cognitive representations of these features allow us to draw meaning from blocks placed in the rough shape of a plane, and connect it through association to adventure, exploration, and the fun of playing make-believe with LEGO® blocks. The same is true of the Ship –  with the boat shape connecting to sailing, battle, pirates, and so many other signified concepts.

Main Points:

  • Narratives are stories that can be told regardless of platform; however, the platform is not a neutral entity and can alter the affect of the story and the way a story is experienced.

Ideas to speak on:

  • “Turner labels the mind literary to suggest that we apply similar interpretive principles when we read a text and when we engage in the activities of everyday life.” – Happiness Journaling


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