Bonnie and Clyde Narrative - Three Fourteen
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Bonnie and Clyde Narrative

Bonnie and Clyde Q&A

Created as a visual guide to an Alexa “My Questions” application, this map is designed to guide users through the narrative of Bonnie and Clyde by suggesting questions to ask Alexa.

Bonnie’s Farewell

This audio clip of a news broadcast and corresponding video is designed to humanize the loss of Bonnie Elizabeth Parker and remind the audience that she was more than a notorious gangster. She was a daughter, a sister, and a beloved friend to many within her small south Dallas community.

Design Reflection

I really enjoyed this project and the story I chose to work with in Bonnie and Clyde. Once I decided on the narrative, I spent quite a lot of time researching the couple, where they traveled, and what they did along the way. While I knew they had traveled primarily in the south, I did not know prior to choosing this narrative that they were both from Texas, or that they both called Dallas home. The native Texas twist to this narrative was something I decided to highlight as I moved past the text object and delved deeper into other forms of media.


The text object Q&A with Alexa was my way of learning the story. I wanted to understand who Bonnie and Clyde were, what made their story special, and how it played out in the media and in history. I found it very intriguing that while Bonnie and Clyde were notorious for there crimes, they were very much loved by their community, despite even the murders of police officers that turned much of the country against them. It was this feeling from their community that inspired both my sound piece and moving image.


Based on feedback on my prior revisions, I choose to update both the still image, changing platforms to better showcase the content and provide a geographical reference, as well as my sound piece, smoothing it out before incorporating it into the final video. The juxtaposition of modern-day Dallas and historical video clips in my video piece, added a layer of realism and helped the story to be more relate-able for modern viewers. This is something that I also wanted to incorporate into my still image. While it still supports the text object Alexa application, it also provides modern locations and, in some cases, modern images to link the narrative to Texas in the here and now.